Skyborne is a 3rd person RPG in UE4 that is currently in production by Moody Games,an indie start up DFW.
We have 2 artists, 2 designers/producer, and one programmer.
I am the Lead 3D artist and am responsible for the majority of the modeling,unwrapping, and texturing of all 3D assets. I have created airships, weapons, terrain and environment pieces such as trees,plants,and grass. I will also be working on the main character and NPCs.

Lacuna Beryl

Lacuna Beryl Rapid Fire

Lacuna Beryl Baliista

Crates & Barrels

Skyborne Assets: HP blockouts

SKyborne Assets: Draft Tiles

Coin Dozer & Prize Claw

Coin Dozer and Prize Claw are mobile games developed in Unity by Game Circus located in Addison, TX.
I worked as a freelance artist, creating updated versions of the prizes and coins currently used, a brand new “beach/boardwalk” cabinet for Prize Claw, and also the prototype for a new version of Coin Dozer. I worked closely with their art team while updating current, and creating new assets, to maintain the art style they preferred. I regularly sought feedback from the team to assure everything was matching their expectations.

This is You and Me

This is You and Me is a 3rd person shooter created for Capstone by Super Fuzzy Studios while attending The Guildhall @ SMU. Super Fuzzy Studios is a team of 16 developers; 3 Programmers, 3 Artists, and 10 Level Designers. I worked on this game as an Artist, and was responsible for modeling,unwrapping,and texturing the following assets:Range Goblin, trees, vines, mushrooms, leafy ferns,fiddle head ferns, grass planes, bridge, and cobblestone terrain. I also maintained the Asset Data Base document while working on this project.

Dead Goblin

Goblin with Spear

Goblin Idle

Professor Arley’s Amazing Illusion Spectacular!!!

Prof.Arley Poster
Professor Arley’s Amazing Illusion Spectacular!!! is a 2D side scrolling puzzle-platformer created by Easily Amused for TGP1 while attending the Guildhall @ SMU. Easily Amused is a team of 4 developers: 1 Programmer, 1 Artist, and 2 Level Designers. I was the Artist for the team, and responsible for all concept art,creation/approval of all art assets, box art and marketing materials. I also created and maintained the Asset Data Base document.


Level 1:Backstage


Level 3